Redevelopment Plan

Front Beach Road Community Redevelopment Plan

The Front Beach Road CRA Redevelopment Plan provides a framework for redevelopment of infrastructures within the CRA for the next 20 years or longer. The Plan was adopted by the City Council in August 2001.

The Plan recommends the enhancement of approximately 19.8 miles of existing roadways within the Front Beach Road CRA. Cost elements include various streets widening to three and four lanes, enhancing roadway lighting, paving, striping, turn lanes, landscaped medians, new signage, hardscape, landscaping, sidewalks, drainage ponds and the undergrounding of all utilities. Streets within the Redevelopment Area currently identified for these type improvements include: Front Beach Road, North Thomas Drive, South Thomas Drive, Churchwell Drive, Richard Jackson Blvd, AIf Coleman Road, Clara Avenue, Nautilus Street, Hills Road, Powell Adams Road, South Arnold Road, Cobb Road, Hutchison Blvd, and Panama City Beach Parkway (US 98).

The Front Beach Road CRA Redevelopment Plan contains three long-term primary objectives:

1. Pedestrian, Parking and Transportation Improvements

This objective includes an enhanced and interconnected network of right-of-way and other infrastructure projects that focuses on improving pedestrian movement,  overall  parking  needs along Front Beach Road, ingress/egress and evacuation routes along Front Beach Road and its major connectors, upgrading  stormwater  management  along  Front Beach  Road,  and undergrounding of utilities within the Redevelopment Area;

2. Enhance Beach Access and Related Parking

This objective includes the enhancement of existing beach access points and the creation of new access points where warranted, and the provision of parking areas to support these access points throughout the corridor;

3. Plan Funding and Financing

This objective includes the creation and maintenance of efficient, practical, equitable funding and financing to properly implement the Plan and its projects, utilizing tax increment revenues, non-ad valorem assessment revenue, bonds, other public instruments, grants, public/privet partnerships and other sources of funding.

Source:Panama City Beach Community Development Agency


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