Panama City Beach tourism officials set their sights on the fall

Tourism officials in Panama City Beach say this summer is definitely one for the books, but as the season wraps up officials with “Visit Panama City Beach” are looking ahead to the fall.

“This has been one of the best summers we’ve had for the destination in Panama City Beach,” said Jayna Leach, Vice President of Marketing at Visit Panama City Beach. “We’ve actually had record breaking months this summer and so that’s everything that we hope it to be.”

To keep the momentum going for the fall, they have several special events planned. The fall season kicks off with Gulf Coast Jam on Labor Day weekend, followed by Chasin’ the Sun and then the Pirate Fest on Columbus Day weekend.

“We are expecting to see an increase in visitation from what we’re hearing and all indicators are that fall break is going to be great,” said Leach. “We’re seeing early bookings for our special events.”

Those in the industry say fall is one of the best seasons to enjoy the beach, and they’re trying to spread the word.

Leach said, “It’s not as crowded in terms of when everyone’s out of school, but our beaches just seem to be so beautiful. The water’s crystal clear, and there’s always something fun going on with our special events and I think sometimes that’s very undiscovered for people in our markets.”

We spoke with management at the Holiday Inn in Panama City Beach who say their bookings are way ahead of what they were last fall.

Source:  News Channel 7


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