Panama City Beach tourism officials prepare for Labor Day Weekend

We’re just days away from one of Panama City Beach’s biggest weekends for tourism, however concerns about a tropical system might put an unnecessary damper on those plans.

“Come to the beach. It’ll be washed off nice and clean, everything will look good,” said Panama City Beach Mayor Mike Thomas. It was a message he hopes everyone will hear.

Labor Day Weekend means the last official weekend of summer.

“I think it’s going to be a really fun, long weekend. If you have family out of town, have them come down, we’re looking good,” said David Demarest of the Panama City Beach Tourist Development Council.

However, as a storm brews in the tropics, the Panama City Beach TDC is trying to emphasize what visitors can expect.

“We need to make sure that people know where in Florida we are, and where the storm also isn’t,” Demarest said.

Tropical Depression 9 is expected to make landfall to our east as a tropical storm Thursday, just one day before this year’s Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam is set to kickoff.

“When you’re in the entertainment business and you do outdoor festivals this is nothing new. Does it concern me? Yeah it concerns me, because it effects everything we do,” said Rendy Lovelady, the executive producer for the festival. “That being said, we’ve allotted time to the procedure to where we have a day to fix things if we don’t get it all done,” Lovelady explained.

Mayor Thomas says it’s something to keep an eye on but not something to keep visitors away.

“This is normal this time of year. We need it. We have to have it sometimes, but then as soon as it’s gone, everything looks so much better. It’s really going to be a good weekend. I hope everybody shows up and enjoys it,” he said.

If you’re here for the concert, Lovelady says you’re in luck.

“We’re not cancelling. It’s not even in our vocabulary,” Lovelady said.

If you’re here for the beaches, Panama City Beach officials say you’re also in luck. They say no matter what it is, PCB is open for business this weekend.
“Everything’s ready to go, all we need is for people to show up,” said Mayor Thomas.

Source:  News Channel 7


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